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December 14, 1819

Quick Guide to Corporate Wellness

Learn about how to set up a corporate wellness program and the best methods for incentivizing your employees,

guide_to_corporate_wellness_programsCorporate wellness refers to any health promotion activity or organizational policy that is designed to support healthy behavior and improve health outcomes of the concerned individuals.

Corporate wellness programs are multifaceted – they can include health education, health fairs, regular medical screening, weight management programs and health coaching, to name a few.

In this quick guide to corporate wellness, you'll learn:

Answers to the most common corporate wellness program questions
What other top companies are doing in their own wellness programs
Tips to set up your own wellness program
How to use gift cards in a corporate wellness program


Earlier this year. Browning Communications recently launched Adobe® PDF JobReady™, a new feature on their web site granting customers the ability to convert
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The PDF JobReady feature is provided to preserve electronic files in a universal portable
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experienced with multiple computer platforms, programs and typical file transfer such as
missing fonts and format errors. The customer’s file is therefore preserved as created, and
submitted in print ready form.

“If you have ever sent an electronic file to a printer you know the typical issues that can
be encountered,” said Dean W. O’Brien, President of Browning Communications. “The
PDF JobReady tool allows us to eliminate those problems and give our customers a more
streamlined printing process. The result is no hassles and no technical problems to
resolve. The file sent is encrypted and secure.”

To utilize this feature, print buyers simply download the feature from Browning
Communications’ web site ( After obtaining the software, an
option, “Send to” will be created in the print buyer’s print menu,
similar to a printer driver. Selecting this option will link the buyer to the PDF JobReady
software, and eventually the Browning Communications’ site. The customer will then be
guided through a step-by-step direction to create and submit their file.

Browning Communications provides a full range of printing and direct mail services. The
company, which began business in 1986, operates in DeBary, Florida and reaches a
national market. For more information about their company visit their web site at or call them at 386.668.1860TOPS Helps Parents Make the Grade with Healthy Back-to-School Lunches

Before school bells start ringing again, parents should consider doing some homework of their own on nutritious lunches to pack for their children. Since kids often want to eat the same types of food every day for lunch, it’s up to parents to take the lead and put new ideas on the table.

Registered dietitian Dena McDowell, M.S., C.D., nutritional expert for TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), says parents can expand a child’s food horizons and provide a better range of vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis by following these tips:

Pinnacle is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment to all applicants, and employees. The Pinnacle Communications does not discriminate in access to its employment and activities, or with respect to hiring conditions of employment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, sex, gender identity and expression, political affiliation, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. The Pinnacle Communications actively promotes diversity among employees.








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